Sain Development Services

Pre-Development Qualifications

We work directly with the owner and our clients to become an integral and intimate part of their team, to understand their goals and the project vision. We help to determine the most logical 'fit' for a particular site. We will work to "pre-qualify" the project by preparing proformas, projections, determining zoning, finding the highest and best use for the particular site, making sure the demographics are reasonably there to support the project, asses the risk and assist our clients in making intelligent and informed decisions as to what to 'build' or develop. All of which happens before hiring most of the engineers, contractors, and other team members who will eventually be needed. By doing preliminary market analysis - not formal studies, but some up front due diligence and work - we help the owner or our client, to make an informed decision as to whether to "jump" or wait on a project.


The services listed below are among those that can be provided by Sain Development:


Site Review

Review information, zoning, municipality desires and requirements, surveys, analyses and studies and provide advice on the pros and cons of site planning for the various components of the project as they are implemented, their impact on the project and the overall development, suitability, phasing, traffic flow, parking, pricing models, and costs.


Structuring of Purchase and Acquisition Contracts

If required, via Sain Law, we can assist and work with you to legally represent you in negotiating and reaching an amicable Letter of Intent or Purchase Agreement for the property or project with appropriate due diligence terms and contingencies specific to your proposed project. This includes, but is not limited to, Letters of Intent if required, Development Agreements and other contracts reviewed on behalf of our clients.


Financing and Financing Opportunities

Review of and assistance with preparation of proformas and projections together with the project's general contractor and other professionals, advice as to the development and construction costs and revenue assumptions to be used for each component of the project to help determine financial feasibility of the project.


Additionally, via our proven network of direct lenders, funds, and insurance companies and financing 'partners' we can assist you in obtaining or securing potential financing. We can make introductions to individuals and companies that may provide debt and/or equity under a direct investment, joint venture, loan, participating debt, or other structure that works best and makes the most sense for the project.


Planning and Design

We work with the owners and project design team of professionals, contractors and engineers, to assist and advise on the overall Master Plan to allow the owners or client to determine and refine project costs and time schedules, and to make final decisions as to the scope of the project.


Project Development Consulting and Services

Management of design and construction, acting as the owner's or client's agent, advisor, and/or advocate to provide strategic solutions throughout all phases of the project.


Construction Management

We work with our partners and affiliates to provide management and construction and consulting services for commercial-related projects, including ground-up construction, purchase, or renovation of existing structures. This can be handled directly thru Sain Development or a combination of partners and affiliated providers, depending on the needs, nature and scope of the project.


General Contractor

We have worked with various reputable and proven contractors and can assist you in determining which one is the right fit for your project needs. We can also help you through the selection and bidding process.

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